SITTI is pleased to inform that EUROCAE has approved the creation of a new working group, aimed at standardizing communications between VCS and ATC/ATM equipment (e.g. radar). The standard that will be defined will allow these systems to exchange a large amount of information that will facilitate the work of air traffic controllers, making flights safer. As happened with the ED137 standard on VOIP, this new standard is also destined to be adopted worldwide.

The idea of ​​setting up a new working group was originated by SITTI which, together with THALES and ENAV, proposed it to EUROCAE (the main European standardization body in the aviation field). Not only has EUROCAE approved its creation, but SITTI (in the person of Mr. Roberto Weger) will guide the work of this new group.

The recognition of SITTI as leader of this new important group (which all VCS manufacturers and a large number of ANSPs asked to join) testifies of the recognized value of our company and the high consideration we have in these international bodies.

SITTI thanks all those who, directly or indirectly, have contributed and will contribute with their inputs, observations, criticisms and comments to this working group.