The Italian Air Force is undergoing a very significant program of modernization of their Air Traffic Control systems for monitoring the national airspace. This includes the Voice Communication Systems (VCS) that are going to be replaced by brand new MULTIFONO® M800IP® systems manufactured by SITTI.

These new devices will be deployed at the main control centres, airport towers, auxiliary service rooms in order to provide the military air force with all the advanced features made available by the new systems.

These latter fully comply with the latest requirements set by the international EUROCAE ED137 standard that defines the way Voice over IP (VoIP) shall be used in the air traffic management and control fields. The large base of installed systems (both civil and military) in all continents proves the reliability and resilience of SITTI products.

Analogue, digital, VoIP connections are natively supported by the M800IP® VCS by means of interchangeable modules that can be used in different modes, only provided the proper configuration is downloaded by means of the supervision system that is also part of the supply. Remote analogue radios are interfaced to the VCS by means of appropriate gateways that make the use of such radios seamless to the military controllers.

By deploying the new M800IP® systems, the Italian air force is making a big step forward in the modernization process of their infrastructure, by enhancing communications and control over the Mediterranean Sea.