Erbil, or Arbil, also known in Kurdish as Hewlêr, is the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan and home to the governing bodies of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG).

It is rapidly growing and getting back to the former splendour it had before the recent war. The local international airport is one of the most important ways of access to this city and Kurdistan in general, that is placed in one of the most strategic areas in the Middle East, connecting Syria, Turkey, Iran.

In the light of expanding and modernize the airport infrastructure, Erbil International Airport commissioned SITTI the supply of a brand-new VCS (Voice Communication System). SITTI will therefore be responsible for the design, set-up, integration and commissioning of the VCS itself and its ancillary equipment, including a VRS (Voice Recording and Replay System).

The VCS system that will be installed at Erbil in the first months of next year belongs to the world-renowned family called MULTIFONO® M800IP®. This system, which proved its extremely high reliability and flexibility in many hundreds of other installations all around the world, is fully IP based, fully conformant to the EUROCAE ED137 world standard, which defines the use of VoIP (Voice over IP) in the ATM (Air Traffic Management) field.

The Erbil system includes the capability of managing and properly interface both analogue and native IP radios and telephone lines, seamlessly connected to 5 controller working positions (CWP) from which air traffic controllers (ATCO) will be able to safely interact with aircrafts and provide them with proper flight instructions. The system by SITTI will be pre-wired for accommodating up to 16 CWPs that will be gradually added in the next future.

Last, but not least, the recording and playback system, VRS800S by SITTI, allows comprehensive recording of both voice and video, taking care of precise time alignment and synchronisation for a complete and self-contained playback. Concurrent recording of 32 VoIP channels and another 24 analogue audio links permits local officers to store the complete history of the system usage for possible investigation and training purposes.

Through this supply, SITTI confirms its proactive presence in the Middle East area with technological top-edge equipment that put the Erbil International Airport at the forefront of the most advanced airports in the region.