Shaoguan is an important city in the south of China, not far from Hong Kong. With its more than 3 million inhabitants, it is the most northern city in the Guangdong province. Its enviable position makes it one of the most important cultural cities of the area.

SITTI has been supplying many Chinese cities with its Voice Communication Switching Systems (VCSS); we are very proud that Shaoguan can also be added to the long list, thus testifying the very good reputation of SITTI as a primary market leader in the Air Traffic Control field.

Through Beijing XiDi Communication Technology Co. Ltd, SITTI is having the opportunity to install a new MULTIFONO® M800IP® Voice Communication System at the Shaoguan airport. The system being commissioned is made of a limited number of controller working positions and radio/telephone/intercom facilities. Although the number of interfaces and operating positions is not very large, the supplied system has the same capabilities as larger ones. The standard ED137 Voice over IP (VoIP) statements and recommendations are implemented at all levels, thus making the Shaoguan system fully compliant to the latest technological achievements.

The system for Shaoguan is a further confirmation of the SITTI ability of scaling its systems from large ACCs with hundreds of positions to medium/small airport systems, without losing any of the standard features. Regardless of their size, all systems provide the customer with the same high quality.” – Giuseppe Vasquez, SITTI Program Manager, says.