SITTI and ENAV proudly present the co-brand Tower Integrated Information System (TIIS), an innovative and advanced platform crafted to streamline operations within airport control towers.

TIIS stands as a state-of-the-art hardware and software solution, seamlessly consolidating diverse data sources into a unified product. Its primary objective is to reduce the number of objects on the operative desks, by condensing multiple services into a single interface, thereby augmenting operators’ situational awareness while executing their duties safely.

TIIS boasts the capability to integrate both proprietary and third-party legacy systems, ensuring seamless compatibility and interoperability.

Through the synergistic partnership between SITTI and ENAV, our collective vision is to strengthen efficiency, safety, and air traffic management to unparalleled heights. Together, we present a comprehensive and pioneering solution tailored for the evolution of Digital Towers, marking a significant stride in the progress of air traffic management technology.

We extend a warm invitation to join us at Dubai Airport Show at the ATC Forum on Wednesday, May 15th, at 15:00, where we will unveil the groundbreaking capabilities of TIIS.