SITTI is honoured of announcing that the systems recently supplied to Vietnam have now become operative. With the important support of VATM (Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation), SITTI delivered a brand-new IP-based VCS (Voice Communication System) to SORATS (Southern Region Air Traffic Services Company).

This is the first time SITTI supplies such a large system to Vietnam. The new system, belonging to the MULTIFONO® renowned family of VCSs, has been installed at the ACC (Area Control Centre) in Ho Chi Minh, in the Southern part of the country. SITTI has been responsible for the supply, installation, configuration, setting to work, integration and commissioning of the Voice Communication System and its associated equipment, tools and services, with the fundamental support and help of the local company VATM.

The M800IP® system supplied includes 36 Controller Working Positions (CWPs) with full radio, telephone and intercom facilities to access a large number of analogue radio and telephone channels and lines. This system is natively ready to be expanded to also include VoIP (Voice over IP) links, by simply changing the system configuration through the Technical and Monitoring Control system (called MMS) being also part of the delivery.

The number of controllers utilizing the VCS can be seamlessly expanded at any time in the future; similarly, radio and telephone connections of any kind can be added without causing any system disruption. Main/Standby automatic switching modules and radio Best Signal Selection (BSS) boards complete the system, thus giving ATCOs (air traffic controller operators) the best-in-class facilities to properly and effectively manage the air traffic directed to or departing from Vietnam, or flying over it.

This is the first time we supply such a large system to Vietnam. This makes us proud because of the recognition of the high quality standards of our products, once again testified by achievements like this.” – Mr. Panzeri, SITTI Program Manager said – “We are sure the end customer (SORATS) will benefit of the top-level reliability and expandability of the supplied system.