Security is getting paid more and more importance in the world at all levels. Every day newspapers report attacks by malicious people. It is not only a matter of physical terrorism: attacks can also be perpetrated in silence and without injuries. These are cyberattacks. Cyberattacks may be as devastating as true bombs.

High-technology companies are among the preferred targets of such attacks, not only for the possibility of stealing information to be resold or destroyed, but even for just the insane pride of having been able to overcome the barriers that are in place for preventing such attacks. Once information of any kind is reached in the course of an attack, the damage for the attacked company can result being very serious. Confidential information can be cancelled, resold, made public, or may even be used for blackmail purposes.

SITTI has always been sensible to this security aspect. The high level of technology that is every day managed by the company and the utmost importance of providing secure systems to our customers (regardless whether civil or military) makes it vital to protect us from any kind of possible attack or even threat of an attack. This is the reason for which SITTI is using all possible means to prevent intruders to enter the company network and access our information, including details on customers, contacts, contracts, finance, staff privacy, etc.

In order to verify that the efforts done so far are really effective, SITTI asked APMG International to assess the conformance of the organization defenses to the CYBER ESSENTIALS requirements against cyberattacks. SITTI has been awarded this certificate in June 2019.