The COVID virus crisis is hitting all countries in the world and forced to impose a significant lockdown period in order to control the virus propagation and reduce contagion. Lockdown periods imply that only essential services can continue working, maybe at a reduced pace, to guarantee at least a minimum level of support to vital sectors. SITTI has been recognized by the Italian government as a company providing an essential service and could therefore continue their work, although applying strict health prevention protocols.

In this hard moment in our history, SITTI is continuing supporting our customers and partners to the maximum extent possible, because we are aware that our systems in the Air Traffic Control field and other Emergency Applications (like firefighting and health services) may make the difference. We therefore reorganized our workforce in order to comply with all contractual agreements in force and guarantee timely shipment of all ordered systems.

A special attention has been given to support and maintenance activities (including repairs), by involving all available inland and abroad workforce to make it possible to provide a very timely response to all service requests coming from our customers, even during this emergency period. By scrupulously putting in action all recommendations concerning the health of our employees and customers, SITTI is proud to be in the position of saying that our customers did not suffer any support and maintenance service disruption.

This is a further proof of the reliability of SITTI as a worldwide supplier for communication systems and solutions, capable of coping with and successfully managing even dramatic situations like the one we are currently facing.

We are confident we will very soon overcome the current difficult planetary moment together with our customers all over the world.