Code Of Ethics

SITTI is committed to preventing the risks of illicit practices, at any level of work and in all geographical areas, both through the promotion and dissemination of values ​​and ethical principles, and the application of rules of conduct and control processes, in line with applicable regulations and best international practices.

No tolerance is accepted by SITTI towards corruption and/or any behavior that is unethical or is in any way not fully observant of the law. We believe that the acquisition of a commercial opportunity or advantage through illicit, unethical or illegal behavior is a loss and a damage for the company and its reputation worldwide. Vice versa, respect for ethics, laws and integrity, at all levels, generates trust and reliability in all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, employees).

You can download our Code Of Ethics at the following links:


SITTI takes your privacy very seriously and is committed to protecting your personal information. As a general rule, SITTI is not asking information to visitors of its website. Contact information is only required when using our contact page, e.g. to ask questions or provide comments. In this case, we limit the request of information to a very minimum, so as to be able to give you possible feedbacks. To have a look at the complete privacy policy applied by SITTI, just click on the following link:


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Health And Safety Policy

SITTI acknowledges that the provision of a safe and healthy work environment for workers and contractors is more than a moral and legal responsibility, but also a prerequisite to achieve its primary mission of developing and install its equipment. This policy establishes guidelines for workers and contractors to provide and maintain a safe work environment for all employees. You can download our Health and Safety policy at the following links:

Quality Policy

You can download our Quality policy at the following links:

Environment Policy

You can download our Environment policy at the following links:

Information Security Policy

You can download our Information Security policy at the following links: