AVT Consoles

ManagementThe foundation for the AVT Console design comes from the company’s longstanding involvement in the Air Traffic Control and Control Room environments. The AVT console family design takes into account technological trends which see information normally displayed on individual instruments or indicators being consolidated and concentrated into multifunctional terminals. Priority has been given to design simplicity with soft lines and the required operating functionality centered around the operator and his task requirements.



The AVT console core is made up of an aluminum profile structure giving strength, light weight and flexibility in construction. A long lasting, fireproof, non-toxic and recyclable MDF (medium density fibre board) material is used to form the cover panels and work surfaces whilst access panels etc are formed using sheet metal. Cable entry is through base via the false floor and then via channeling towards monitors and equipment. This solution allows for structured management of cabling etc.
The shape and size of the AVT consoles can be manufactured in accordance with the characteristics of the operational environment and requirements.

  • Flexibility – taking into consideration evolving controller requirements and equipment expansion
  • Efficient Integration – for space optimization and ease of installation
  • User Friendliness – ease of access to display and communication equipment
  • Ergonomic and Comfort Factors – designed to alleviate stress and discomfort over long usage periods
  • Suitable Materials – long lasting, ease of installation, maintenance and workplace comfort
  • Operational Health Protection – to grant a safe environment


The work surface

Corian has been chosen for the work surface. This is a hard wearing material widely used in architectural design allowing the creation of free flowing and high-performance work surface areas thanks to its inherent working capabilities: Corian is a compacted non-porous material with no wearing coating or laminations giving a durable surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Solid form composition and uniform coloring throughout the panels mean that day to day wear cuts and scratches can be easily removed to return this product to its original quality finish. It allows for the formation of curvature within the working surfaces giving a sense of “enveloping” the operator. Doing so provides the console with both comfort as well as ease of access to given resources and equipment, providing a more uniform distancing to monitors, equipment and controls etc.

Variable height of the shelf

The height of the work shelf is adjustable through the use of electrical actuators. This adds flexibility to the AVT consoles that can be designed for both sitting and standing operation with comfort for individual users. The total adjustment overall is around 400mm.


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