M600S MULTIFONO® Radio and Telephone Voice Communication System (VCS) represents SITTI top level PCM platform, fully integrating Air Traffic Control requirements and latest technological achievements with user-friendliness needs at Operator and Maintenance levels.

M600S adheres to ICAO and EUROCONTROL worldwide Recommendations and Standards, with all required flexibility to fulfil any user requirement and to support any operational role. Data and audio communications inside the system are fully digitalized and its Open Architecture has been designed focusing on the highest level of modularity, scalability and process distribution, to grant a unparalleled reliability of 99.9999%.




Duplicated, Parallel Operating, Star Architecture and Geographically distributed subunits ensure continuous functionality and no single-point-of-failure for complete fault tolerant operations. These features, coupled with a powerful Management and Supervision software platform, all concur in making SITTI M600S MULTIFONO® VCS the best choice for strategic Civil and Military Communication applications using PCM technology.

Scalability and subunits independency permit M600S MULTIFONO® VCS to range from the smallest Airfield Control Tower up to big Air Traffic Control Centres without reducing system performances.

Operational seamless expandability grants the customer over his long terms investment return.

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