Company profile


SITTI is a private company meeting the challenges in the study and development of world leading Operational and Technical solutions for integrated Voice Communication Systems (VCS) (and their ancillary equipment and services). SITTI is a world primary system supplier for Civil, Military, Public and Private Agencies and Organisations active in Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Strategic Services (SES).


The company holds extensive experience and expertise in integrated radio and telephone communications covering analogue, digital and IP-based technologies. This makes SITTI a primary reference point, widely confirmed by its continued and successful presence and constant growth in the evolving market of Voice Communication Systems (VCS).

SITTI is today present in most countries in the world with a large base of installed VCS and ancillary equipment and services. The high level of scalability and modularity at the core of SITTI systems and the wide integration capabilities allow SITTI products to meet the operational, technical and support requirements for all Air Traffic Control needs, ranging from small Air Field Towers to very large ACC centres. Operational and technical training, on site Customer assistance utilising qualified and skilled personnel, coupled with remote maintenance connection provide outstanding primary and long term system support.


Full membership and active involvement in international standardisation workgroups, commitment to the development and implementation of the most advanced technological and operating capabilities, attention to the evolving Customer needs are the strength points of SITTI.

The recent introduction of Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) context has seen SITTI been proactively involved with decisive contributions to the definition and finalisation of VoIP EUROCAE ED137 standard.

Highly configurable CWP touch screen keyboards provide operators controlled access to all entitled role functionalities to assist them in carrying out their duties in the most effective, safe and efficient manner.




SITTI top performance Voice Communication System (VCS) is the MULTIFONO® platform that fully integrates the latest technical achievements with user-friendly needs at operator level, in total accordance to the latest issues from international standardisa­tion bodies, like ICAO, EUROCONTROL and EUROCAE (VOIP ED137).

The possibility of interfacing any type of radio devices and telephone lines, accompanied by graphical highly user-friendly touch screen controller working positions (CWP) and a po­werful management and supervision system, all concur in making MULTIFONO® the best choice for strategic civil and military communication needs.

Ancillary products, such as ergonomic Operational Consoles, Protocol Gateways, GPS Time Reference systems, etc, complete the offer to provide a complete answer to Customers needs, thus making SITTI a “one stop” solution provider.